Mahatma Gandhi Road

Who made my cloth ? Khadi was the key to the freedom and self-reliance that Mahatma Gandhi had envisaged for the nation. The narrative pitch of the documentary finds out how well the Gandhian vision of self-reliance and Swaraj that would be able to cope with the modern day life style. Khadi, which was once a symbol of freedom has become a mere dress code for those who follow the great ideologies of freedom movement.. It is also very important to see how the fashion movement and Gandhiji were interrelated. Gandhiji disrobed himself for the sake of the nation .During the freedom movement, he spearheaded certain indigenous artefacts and traditions got established as symbols of freedom .One of the most prominent among these symbols was the Khadi. Ultimately the documentary film is not only a journey in pursuit of who made my clothes, who wove this, which is the place of origin but also after all a kind of search for the soul of India. Without showing Mahatma and mother India the film scans the growth of her mind through Mahatma Gandhi Road.

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